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At The Law Offices of Kevin P. Wigenton, we have been helping clients navigate tough legal matters for over 20 years. We understand that having to hire a lawyer is one of the most important life decisions you will ever have to make. Whether you are facing jail time for a criminal offense, negotiating the purchase or sale of a house or dealing with a landlord tenant dispute, we understand that these matters have real life consequences and can impact your present and your future in significant ways.

Kevin Wigenton has been helping clients through tough times for more than two decades since opening his practice in the heart of Red Bank, New Jersey. Kevin Wigenton is a true man of the people, and continues to serve the public in his role as public defender in Neptune Township and Red Bank municipal courts. His deep understanding of the local courts, the judges and prosecutors involved and his knowledge of the law all combine to make Kevin Wigenton one of the most effective criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey.

Whether you are facing criminal charges, or have a personal injury case, worker's compensation case or simply need help with a real estate or landlord/tenant matter, Kevin's sound guidance will sped you through to a quick and successful resolution of your case.

When choosing the right attorney for you, it is important to look at that person's involvement in the community, to look at how well respected they are by their peers and the public in general. When you do, you'll see that Kevin P. Wigenton is the right choice to handle your legal matter. There is a reason why Kevin's clients return again and again seeking his advice and counsel.

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